CEO Advisory

Secure a quantum leap in your leadership brand and ensure that you will hit the ground running, establish early wins and drive profitable business outcomes throughout your tenure at the helm of your enterprise.

It is not at all uncommon for new and existing CEO’s to partner with a Trusted Advisor who assists in creating an open space for strategic thought, confidential brainstorming, action planning, application of emotional intelligent leadership and the crafting of trust-based and persuasive communications, (with employees, Management, the Board, on Investor calls & during Annual Shareholder Meetings).    The CEO determines his/her personal and professional strategic goals with the Advisor who serves as an ally representing a confidential and objective sounding board.  Through periodic, one-on-one, deep-dive conversations the Advisor listens, reflects and serves to clarify objectives, identify obstacles, prioritize next steps, assists in strategic communications and shares perspective to help clear the way for decisive leadership turning insight into action.

Senior Executive Coaching

You have arrived at the top of your organization through hard work and business acumen.  There may be areas of opportunity that you would like to work on – or you have been discreetly advised to work on – in order to secure and/or accelerate your growth in the enterprise.  C-Suite and Senior Executive Coaching is a confidential, individually-tailored engagement process designed to meet the professional needs both of the Executive being coached and the enterprise at large.

Our brain-based coaching process is built on mutual trust and confidentiality, assumes an equal (versus expert) relationship between the Coach and the Executive with the goal of helping the Executive discover for him/herself ways in which personal and organizational goals can be successfully achieved.   The Coach serves as an advocate for the Executive, representing a confidential and objective sounding board to clarify goals and prioritize next steps leading to timely breakthroughs and successful personal/professional outcomes. What are you waiting for?

Corporate Cultural Alignment / Teambuilding

We don’t see things as they are; we see things we are. – Anais Nin

Culture is at the center of individual, team, corporate and national behavior.

On the individual leadership level… explore and develop increased self- and cross-cultural awareness to understand the vital impact of culture on relationship building and work style differences from person-to person to around the world. Without cultural knowledge we may never know the mistakes we are making! What behaviors are currently helping or hindering your leadership success?

On the team and corporate level… finding alignment in the event of geographically dispersed teams, multicultural differences, a merger or an acquisition the urgent need to build shared values, shared vision and a cohesive culture is real! Some organizations have a long, storied past as traditional, hierarchical, steady industry leaders. Other organizations are younger, nimble, risk-tolerant, change-driven innovators. Depending on the endgame one or the other may get you there faster or on a predictable, methodical path.

The cultural alignment process involves discussing in real time the role of culture and individual work styles on agility, collaboration, trust-based communications and high-performance teaming. Next, take this information and turn it into a roadmap to empower all to embrace the change required to get your team and/or your enterprise to the Next Level.

Strategic Communications Advisory

Some Executives are gifted communicators by nature.  Others need to nurture this strength by working with a Trusted Advisor who can walk them through specifically tailored programs to meet their needs.  Choosing the right words is an art: speaking persuasively, projecting executive presence visually, vocally, verbally, crafting clear strategic messages, connecting well with your audience, employees, colleagues and clients and most of all avoiding misunderstandings that can hold you back professionally.  From large scale Merger and Acquisition Strategic Communication Advisory services to one-on-one, round-the-clock Executive Communication support get the help you need.   We are here to help.