An individual on-line assessment providing executives, managers and professionals at all levels of an organization with a clear and actionable personal profile relating to 8 core global work style dimensions.  Assess your personal work style and discover the implications for collaborating effectively across cultures, across diverse work groups, across multi-cultural and generational differences.  Build personal and global business results for yourself and your enterprise. The GWSI is available in multiple formats as an:

  • Executive Coaching and Advisory tool
  • Pre-hire Assessment tool
  • Teambuilding and Team Alignment tool
  • Pre-Expat Assignment Individual Assessment tool

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Change your life without changing who you are.”  The BrainStyles Inventory points you in the right direction to understanding you at your best.  Results identify your personal brain-based gifts and describe how your brain works most effortlessly and efficiently when processing new information, collaborating with and leading others.

“Explore your hard-wired gifts as a Conceptor, Deliberator, Conciliator or Knower and discover Steps to Mastery to bring out the best in yourself and others.”

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”Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the X-factor for successful leaders”.  EQ is the ability to accurately assess our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and use this information to manage ourselves and our relationships with others.   Those with solid EQ capabilities are aware of how their statements and behavior impact others.  They accurately read between the lines to know when and how to adjust for successful outcomes.  EQ can be acquired!  Executive coaching, guided practice and perseverance will get you there.